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Company Description
Dynamic Cables Manages to give 60% Returns after 4th day of its listing.
Dynamic Cables Ltd

IPO receives overwhelming response, oversubscribed around 70 times.

Dynamic Cables

IPO opens on 4 Dec and closes on 6 Dec ; Issue price – Rs. 40/share.

ANI Integrated IPO gives 85% return to investors, quoting at Rs. 185 against Issue Price of Rs. 100.
ANI Integrated 20% upper circuit for 3 consecutive days, following its listing. 
ANI Integrated Hits upper circuit of 20% on listing day, at Rs. 120 against issue price of Rs. 100
ANI Integrated HNI Category oversubscribed by 343 times, highest ever oversubscription in the history of SME IPO Market till date.
ANI INTEGRATED IPO received record breaking oversubscription of 199 times, resulting in collection of over Rs. 5000 crores.
ANI Integrated Issue Opens on Nov. 08, 2017 and Closes on Nov. 10, 2017 on NSE Emerge. 
D.P. Abhushan

 Hits 20% upper circuit on listing day.

RKEC Post RKEC stellar listing, investors gets more than 140% returns in 8 days.
D.P. Abhushan IPO Oversubscribed around 40 times; HNIs take lead.
Share India Stock Price rose over 50% of IPO Price in 5 days of listing.
ANI Integrated Files Draft Prospectus with NSE Emerge for initial public offer.
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