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Company Open Date Closing Date Offer Price
Karda Constructions Ltd. 16/03/201821/03/2018180
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. 16/03/201820/03/20181240
Uravi T and Wedge Lamps Ltd. 16/03/201820/03/2018100
Bandhan Bank Ltd. 15/03/201819/03/2018375
Company Open Date Closing Date Offer Price
Advitiya Trade India14/03/201816/03/201815
Lex Nimble Solutions12/03/201816/03/201857
Ridings Consulting 14/03/201816/03/201818
Bharat Dynamics 13/03/201815/03/2018428
Marvel Decor 12/03/201815/03/201857
Active Clothing Co 12/03/201814/03/201865
Macpower CNC Machine12/03/201814/03/2018140
Shreeshay Engineers 09/03/201813/03/201815
Tara Chand Logistic 13/03/201813/03/201855
Inflame Appliances 06/03/201808/03/201854
East India Sec 05/03/201807/03/2018920
Sarveshwar Foods 05/03/201807/03/201885
Uniinfo Telecom Serv05/03/201807/03/201855
HG Infra Engineering26/02/201828/02/2018270
Hindcon Chemicals 26/02/201828/02/201828
Angel Fibers 20/02/201823/02/201827
CKP Leisure 21/02/201823/02/201830
Aster DM Healthcare 12/02/201815/02/2018190
Arvee Laboratories 09/02/201814/02/201861
Bhatia Communication08/02/201812/02/2018150
Tasty Dairy Speciali07/02/201812/02/201845
South West Pinnacle 06/02/201808/02/201878
Banka Bioloo 05/02/201807/02/2018115
Kenvi Jewels 02/02/201807/02/201836
Mohini Health & Hygi05/02/201807/02/201842
Sintercom India 05/02/201807/02/201865
Lorenzini Apparels 31/01/201806/02/201810
A and M Jumbo Bags L29/01/201802/02/201865
Focus Suites Solutio30/01/201801/02/201818
Galaxy Surfacta. 29/01/201831/01/20181480
Gujarat Hy-Spin 25/01/201831/01/201810
Medico Remedies 29/01/201831/01/2018100
Gautam Gems 24/01/201830/01/201836
Vasa Retail & Overse24/01/201829/01/201830
Ashoka Metcast 23/01/201825/01/201820
Shree Ram Proteins 23/01/201825/01/201831
Solex Energy 22/01/201825/01/201852
CRP Risk Management 18/01/201822/01/201860
Amber Enterprises 17/01/201819/01/2018859
Newgen Software Tech16/01/201818/01/2018245
Apollo Micro Systems10/01/201812/01/2018275
SKS Textiles 09/01/201811/01/2018150
Silly Monks Entertai05/01/201810/01/2018120
Jhandewalas Foods 29/12/201704/01/201855
Rithwik Facility Man29/12/201703/01/201850
Brand Concepts L 29/12/201702/01/201845
Moksh Ornaments Ltd.21/12/201726/12/201737
Ajooni Biotech Ltd. 20/12/201722/12/201730
Astron Paper & Board15/12/201720/12/201750
One Point One Soluti13/12/201715/12/201767
SMVD Poly Pack 13/12/201715/12/201755
Diggi Multitrade 11/12/201714/12/201713
Kids Medical Systems11/12/201714/12/201730
Touchwood Entertainm11/12/201713/12/201740
Future Supply Chain 06/12/201708/12/2017664
MRC Exim 06/12/201708/12/201715
Shalby 05/12/201707/12/2017248
Dynamic Cables 04/12/201706/12/201740
Ratnabhumi Developer04/12/201706/12/201763
Innovana Thinklabs 29/11/201704/12/201770
ICE Make Refrigerati28/11/201730/11/201757
Shradha Infraproject27/11/201730/11/201770
Felix Industries 23/11/201727/11/201735
Zodiac Energy 23/11/201727/11/201752
Silver Touch Technol20/11/201723/11/2017121
Ambition Mica 16/11/201721/11/201742
Sharika Enterprises 15/11/201717/11/201743
Pulz Electronics 14/11/201716/11/201754
Vertoz Advertising 14/11/201716/11/2017108
Sanghvi Brands 10/11/201714/11/201769
ANI Integrated Serv 08/11/201710/11/2017100
HDFC Standard Life 07/11/201709/11/2017290
Khadim India 02/11/201706/11/2017750
SecUR Credentials 01/11/201703/11/2017205
The New India Assur 01/11/201703/11/2017800
Mahindra Logistics L31/10/201702/11/2017429
Reliance NipLifeAML 25/10/201727/10/2017252
Sheetal Cool Product16/10/201718/10/201780
Kaarya Facilities 12/10/201717/10/201740
General Ins. Corp. 11/10/201713/10/2017912
D P Abhushan 09/10/201711/10/201728
Indian Energy Exchan09/10/201711/10/20171650
Mas Financial Servic06/10/201710/10/2017459
Godrej Agrovet L 04/10/201706/10/2017460
Milton Industries 29/09/201706/10/201734
Omfurn India Ltd. 29/09/201705/10/201723
Shree Ganesh Remedie28/09/201705/10/201736
Shreeji Translogisti29/09/201705/10/2017130
Siddharth Education 29/09/201705/10/201736
Beta Drugs 29/09/201704/10/201785
CMM Infraprojects 29/09/201704/10/201740
IRIS Business Servic29/09/201704/10/201732
Tirupati Forge 29/09/201704/10/201729
Jash Engineering 28/09/201703/10/2017120
Reliable Data Servic27/09/201703/10/201757
Goldstar Power 27/09/201729/09/201725
Mehai Technololgy 25/09/201728/09/201740
RKEC Projects 25/09/201728/09/201745
Airo Lam 25/09/201727/09/201738
Share India Securiti21/09/201727/09/201741
Vanta Bioscience 25/09/201727/09/201750
D P Wires 21/09/201726/09/201775
Innovative Tyres & T22/09/201726/09/201745
Poojawestern Metalik22/09/201726/09/201736
Prataap Snacks 22/09/201726/09/2017938
Shree Tirupati Balaj21/09/201726/09/201740
Trident Texofab 21/09/201726/09/201730
Aarvi Encon 21/09/201725/09/201754
Cadsys (India) Ltd. 21/09/201725/09/201770
RM Drip and Sprinkle19/09/201725/09/201757
AKM Lace and Embrote20/09/201722/09/201725
SBI Life Insurance 20/09/201722/09/2017700
Madhya Pradesh Today19/09/201721/09/201766
ICICI Lombard Gen. 15/09/201719/09/2017661
Worth Peripherals 15/09/201719/09/201743
Sagar Diamonds 14/09/201718/09/201745
Sri Krishna Metcom 14/09/201718/09/201755
Capacit'e Infraproje13/09/201715/09/2017250 11/09/201713/09/2017985
Bharat Road Network 06/09/201708/09/2017205
Dixon Technologies 06/09/201708/09/20171766
Manav Infra Projects04/09/201708/09/201730
Nouritrans Exim 04/09/201707/09/201730
A & M Febcon 01/09/201706/09/201718
Penta Gold L 04/09/201706/09/201735
Dhruv Wellness 31/08/201704/09/201720
ANG Lifesciences Ind29/08/201731/08/201780
Pashupati Cotspin 28/08/201731/08/201775
Shish Industries 23/08/201728/08/201730
Apex Frozen Foods 22/08/201724/08/2017175
Seven Hills Beverage18/08/201723/08/201726
Geekay Wires 09/08/201714/08/201733
Servotech Power Syst09/08/201714/08/201731
Chothani L 07/08/201711/08/201710
Lexus Granito(India)09/08/201711/08/201745
Vaishali Pharma 07/08/201710/08/201772
Cochin Shipyard 01/08/201703/08/2017432
Security and Intelli31/07/201702/08/2017815
Surevin BPO Services28/07/201701/08/201740
GlobalSpace Techno 26/07/201728/07/201766
Keerti Knowledge 24/07/201728/07/201752
Total Transport Sys 25/07/201728/07/201745
Shanti Overseas (Ind21/07/201726/07/201750
Captain Technocast 20/07/201724/07/201740
Jigar Cables 18/07/201720/07/201730
Univastu India 14/07/201719/07/201740
Salasar Techno Engin12/07/201717/07/2017108
7NR Retail Ltd. 05/07/201710/07/201727
Shrenik L 06/07/201710/07/201740
G G Engineering 30/06/201707/07/201720
Ace Integrated Solut29/06/201705/07/201740
Bansal Multiflex 30/06/201704/07/201731
Transwind Infrastruc30/06/201704/07/201727
Gautam Exim 29/06/201703/07/201740
Au Small Finance Ban28/06/201730/06/2017358
Pushpanjali Realms 27/06/201730/06/201755
Accord Synergy 22/06/201728/06/201760
GTPL Hathway 21/06/201723/06/2017170
Central Depository 19/06/201721/06/2017149
Eris Lifesciences 16/06/201720/06/2017603
Tejas Networks 14/06/201716/06/2017257
Globe Textiles (Ind 12/06/201715/06/201751
Riddhi Corp. Service12/06/201715/06/2017130
Shri Ram Switchgears25/05/201730/05/201719
Vadivarhe Speciality22/05/201725/05/201742
Jalan Transolutions 18/05/201723/05/201746
Yug Decor 18/05/201723/05/201726
Bhakti Gems and Jewe17/05/201722/05/201720
PSP Projects 17/05/201719/05/2017210
HUDCO 08/05/201711/05/201760
Meera Industries 27/04/201704/05/201736
Zota Healthcare 27/04/201702/05/2017125
CKP Products 26/04/201728/04/201750
Pure Giftcarat 26/04/201728/04/201713
S Chand & Company 26/04/201728/04/2017670
InfoBeans Tech 18/04/201721/04/201758
KMS Medisurgi 12/04/201717/04/201730
Panache Digilife 11/04/201717/04/201781
ASL Industries 31/03/201707/04/201735
M K Proteins 31/03/201707/04/201770
Sikko Industries 05/04/201707/04/201732
Dev Information Tech31/03/201706/04/201742
Escorp Asset Manage 31/03/201706/04/201715
Focus Lighting 30/03/201705/04/201745
Creative Peripherals29/03/201703/04/201775
Bohra Industries 23/03/201727/03/201755
Euro India Fresh 21/03/201724/03/201778
Octaware Technologie17/03/201724/03/201790
Shankara Building Pr22/03/201724/03/2017460
Prime Customer Serv 20/03/201723/03/201760
CL Educate 20/03/201722/03/2017502
Laxmi Cotspin 17/03/201722/03/201720
Manas Properties 17/03/201722/03/2017360
Maximus Intl. 17/03/201722/03/201725
Oceanic Foods 20/03/201722/03/201765
Chemcrux Enterprises15/03/201720/03/201718
Manomay Tex India 15/03/201720/03/201730
Relstruct Buildcon 16/03/201720/03/201750
Jash Dealmark 15/03/201717/03/201740
Sarthak Metals 10/03/201717/03/201730
Company Open Date Closing Date Offer Price
ICICI Securities Ltd. 22/03/201826/03/2018520
Continental Seeds and Chemicals Ltd. 21/03/201823/03/201826
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. 21/03/201823/03/201890
Benara Bearings & Pistons Ltd. 20/03/201822/03/201863
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd. 19/03/201821/03/2018100
Mittal Life Style Ltd. 19/03/201821/03/201821
Sandhar Technologies Ltd. 19/03/201821/03/2018332
Yasho Industries Ltd. 19/03/201821/03/2018100

IPO News

The initial public offer of defence company Bharat Dynamics was oversubscribed 1.30 times on the last day of bidding.

The IPO to raise Rs 960 crore received bids for 2,92,42,115 shares against the total issue size of 2,24,51,953 shares, data available with the NSE till 1945 hrs showed.
The category set aside for qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) was oversubscribed 1.50 times, non-institutional investors 50 per cent and retail investors 1.41 times, merchant banking sources said.

Price band for the company's IPO has been fixed at Rs 413-428.

SBI Capital Markets, IDBI Capital Markets & Securities and YES Securities are managing the issue.
The initial public offer of defence company Bharat Dynamics was subscribed 46 per cent on the second day of bidding, reported PTI.

The IPO to raise Rs 960 crore received bids for 1,02,44,255 shares against the total issue size of 2,24,51,953 shares, data available with the NSE showed.

The category reserved for qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) was subscribed 50 per cent, non institutional investors 8 per cent and retail investors 57 per cent.

The IPO is of up to 22,451,953 equity shares and is scheduled to close tomorrow.

The price band for the offer has been fixed at Rs 413-428.

SBI Capital Markets, IDBI Capital Markets & Securities and YES Securities are managing the offer.
The initial public offer of Defence company Bharat Dynamics was subscribed 32 per cent on the first day of bidding, reported PTI.

The IPO to raise Rs 960 crore received bids for 72,49,970 shares against the total issue size of 2,24,51,953 shares, data available with the NSE showed.

The portion reserved for qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) was subscribed 50 per cent, non-institutional investors 2 per cent and retail investors 21 per cent.

The IPO is of 22,451,953 equity shares and bidding for the same would close on March 15.

The price band has been fixed at Rs 413-428.

SBI Capital Markets, IDBI Capital Markets & Securities and YES Securities are the book running lead managers to the offer.

Bharat Dynamics is engaged in the manufacture of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), underwater weapon launchers, counter measures and test equipment for the defence sector.
Defence public sector company Bharat Dynamics today said it has fixed the price band between Rs 413 and Rs 428 per equity share for its initial public offer (IPO) to raise around Rs 960 crore, reported PTI.

The issue will open on March 13 and close on March 15.

The government will sell a total of 22,451,953 shares of Bharat Dynamics, diluting its stake by about 12 per cent.

SBI Capital Markets, IDBI Capital Markets and Securities and Yes Securities will manage the public issue.

Bharat Dynamics is engaged in the manufacture of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), underwater weapon launchers, counter measures and test equipment for the defence sector.

"We primarily cater to the requirements of the Indian armed forces. Our objective is to enhance our market position by expanding our capabilities, capitalising on opportunities both in domestic and international markets.

We believe our continuous investment in infrastructure in terms of our upcoming manufacturing facilities at Ibrahimapatnam in Telangana and Amravati will enable us to cater to the growing demand of our customers," BDL chairman and managing director V Udaya Bhaskar told reporters here.

The companys proposed Ibrahimapatnam and Amravati manufacturing facilities will be utilised to manufacture new generation of SAMs and ATGMs, respectively. It also intend to automate production systems at its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad to increase the production of SAMs, according to Bhaskar.

"We are also in the process of establishing a test fire range in Rachakonda, Telangana which will result in operational advantages and cost efficiencies. The company will also focus on R&D," he said.

The company has established the missile development group with the objective to design and develop missiles. It has also established various technological labs such as RF labs, laser labs, aerodynamic labs and seeker labs to develop seeker technologies.

The Cabinet in April last year had cleared the disinvestment of four public sector units, including Bharat Dynamics and Mishra Dhatu Nigam, under the defence ministry.
Sandhar Technologies has received capital markets regulator Sebi's go- ahead to float an initial public offer, reported PTI.

The company had filed draft papers with Sebi in December last year and obtained "observations" from the regulator on March 1, as per the latest information with the markets watchdog.

Sebi's "observations" are required for companies to launch public issues like initial public offer (IPO) and rights issue.

Going by the draft papers, Sandhar's IPO comprises a fresh issue of equity shares worth Rs 300 crore and an offer for sale of 80 lakh scrips by GTI Capital Beta Pvt Ltd.

The company plans to use a portion of the net proceeds towards repayment of certain loan facilities and for other general corporate purposes.

ICICI Securities and Axis Capital will manage the company's IPO. The equity shares are proposed to be listed on BSE and NSE.
Shares of HG Infra Engineering made a quite debut at the bourses on Friday by listing at Rs 270, at par against its issue price of Rs 270 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The Rajasthan based an infrastructure construction, which has raised Rs 462 crore from the initial public offer (IPO) listed at Rs 270 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

During the day’s trade so far, scrip of the company touched an intra-day high and low of Rs 276.00 and Rs 252.60 respectively on the BSE.

HG Infra has set a price band of Rs263-270 per share for the IPO.

The company intends to use proceeds from the fresh issue for purchasing equipment, repayment of debt and meeting general corporate expenses.

SBI Capital Markets Ltd and HDFC Bank Ltd are managing the HG Infra share sale.

Meanwhile, the broader benchmark BSE Sensex was trading at 33,476.31, up 124.74 points, or 0.37 per cent, at 12:50 hours.
Leading stock exchange NSE said it hopes to float its initial public offer (IPO) next fiscal even as markets regulator Sebi returned its consent application in a high-profile probe into the co-location issue, reported PTI.

The exchange's Rs 10,000 crore IPO has been delayed because of the probe in the co-location matter and the regulator had earlier issued show cause notices to several individuals as well as the exchange, while the role of some brokers is also being probed.

"The timeline for the IPO is dependent on the resolution of the regulatory matters with Sebi and we are hopeful we will be able to do the IPO in fiscal 2019," NSE said in a statement.

The exchange said that Sebi has returned its consent application in the co-location probe due to ongoing investigations in the case.

Further, the bourse said it is committed to resolving the regulatory issues expeditiously.

The exchange had filed the settlement application with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) in July last year.

It had sought a settlement with the regulator in connection with a probe relating to allegations of unfair access to its high frequency trading systems to some brokers.

The NSE said it can file the consent application after the completion of the investigations and it intends to do the same in due course.

A consent settlement allows entities to settle charges by paying a penalty without admission or denial of guilt.

According to regulatory sources, Sebi has returned NSE's settlement plea as the probe is at critical position with regard to brokers and former senior executives of the exchange.
The initial public offer of Tara Chand Logistic Solutions, through which the firm aims to raise over Rs 20 crore, will open on March 13, reported PTI.

The public issue is of 37.20 lakh equity shares of face value of Rs 10 each for cash at a price of Rs 55 per equity share aggregating to Rs 20.46 crore, the company said in a release.

The issue comprises of 1.92 lakh equity shares aggregating to a little over Rs 1.05 crore reserved for subscription by the market maker of the issue, it added.

The initial share sale would close on March 15.

Hem Securities is the lead manager to the initial public offer.

Based in Mumbai, Tara Chand Logistic Solutions is engaged in providing logistic and supply chain services including transportation and warehousing, equipment rental and steel processing and distribution.

Among the firm's major clients are Reliance Industries, Steel Authority of India Ltd, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Tata Projects and Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.

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